Roopada: Oil Control Peel

 Product Features: Roopada is the best available Oil control exfoliating pack.

Greatest remedy to reduce the acne and pimples rapidly. When used with the Dermo De-Toxifying pack reduces the sensitivity of the skin and provides photo protection.

Very effective home care peel for all types of the skin.

When used for Acne and Pimples, add 5 drops of Hydrogen Peroxide (6°/0) for rapid results.

Why Roopada Oil Control Peel?

It balances the acid enamel of the oily skin and provides skin lightening and smooth look.

Effectively reduces black heads as well as white heads.

On regular application, scars as well as marks are reduced.

Use Roopada Oil control peel in home care with Dermo de-toxifying pack on acne skin.

Provides skin lightening when used daily.

Also reduces tan on the skin when applied regularly. 1Provides faster skin lightening effect when used along with skirl iightening factors.

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