Exfoliation & Anti-Ageing:

Wrinkles are of three types. In the mid span of life the skin wrinkling begins with fine hair-line epidermal wrinkles. These hairline wrinkles are formed due to excess dead cell accumulation, reduced moisture holding capacity and oxidative damage to external skin. Regular exfoliation of skin with Roopada Oil control peel or Nirmal exfoliating lotion helps reducing the dead cell load, increases moisture holding & through anti-oxidant support help reducing hair line wrinkles. Application of anti-Ageing products is only effective after exfoliation.

The Dermal wrinkles in the later age are caused due to the deficit of elastin and collagen. The Dermal cells can be boosted to synthesize more elastin and collagen by using Rahul Phate's Anti-Ageing products

The Third and deepest type of Wrinkles are formed due to the lost muscle tone & needs treatment through a doctor.

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