After a Strong chemical peel, skin temporarily becomes more sensitive to the sun & moisture retention is reduced. With Rahul Phate's Research Peels, the sensitivity is not increased, at the same time the moisture holding of the skin is improved through the use of Natural Moisturizing factors.

Use of sun-Screen or sun block, mainly Mrunalini-30 for dry skin & Gaurangi for oily skin is suggested. For better protection mix these sun screens with Ulti-Care sun block and use for perfect skin lightening and protection.

Who needs a Chemical Peel?

Fair skin people need skin peeling more as they are easily damaged by light & skin has several problems. Dark skinned people when are treated with harsh chemical peels. typically end up with hyper-pigmentation or patchy skin. It is suggested that Indian skin should not be treated with harsh chemical peels.

Rahul Phate's Research peels are very effective and safe for Indian skin and the side effects of the harsh chemical peels are avoided here.

What are Harsh Chemical Peels?

Glycolic acid, salicylic acid, Phenols, TCA. etc are the harsh chemicals when used in higher concentrations. They burn out the superficial skin and therefore are most dangerous for Indian skin. Indian skin is gifted with active melanocytes and therefore when strong chemical agents are applied on the skin for peeling, after a peel burn the melanocytes are stimulated & skin may end up with dark patches or hyper-pigmentation.

We suggest use of milder and controlled peels on the Indian skin to achieve better results without damaging the skin.

What are the consequences of dead tissue accumulation?

1. Dead tissue accumulation and moisture loss creates fine hair line wrinkles on skin, especially around eyes and cheeks.

2. Dead tissue holds excess melanin and always leads to darkening of skin.

3. Dead tissue mixes with sebum to form White & Black heads.

4. Dead tissue reduces glow & young look, making You kx more mature.

5. Dead tissue makes your skin patchy even-undon" skin texture and co plexion is lost.

6. Dead tissue on scalp leads to dandruff and se saw