Pre peel celansers:

These cleansers are basically moisture, oil and PH balancers which improve the skin quality along with the cleansing The damage caused by peelsis minimized by such cleansers.

Ceta life is perfect pre peel cleanser which protect the skin and gently cleanses.

Ceta life is is for infected as well as sensitive skin.

Ceta life is is also very  effective make up remover

A cleanser is a facial care product that is used to remove make-up, dead skin cast off, dirt, & other pollutants from the skin.

A cleanser should help to unclog pores & prevent skin conditions such as acne.

You must select right cleanser so as to avoid the wrong choice consequences.

Avoid using soap on face, which disturbs the pH of skin & also makes it moisture deficit.

AHA-Smooth-N-Glow is a skin lightening face wash suitable for almost all kinds of skin. Use it thrice daily.

After washing the face with AHA Smooth-N-Glow face wash, apply Hydra-Smooth gel for perfect hydration and toning.

Those who have very oily skin should use Mat-N-Bright cleanser which effectively balances the oily skin & reduces acne & pimples.

The aromatic ingredients of Mat-N-Bright cleanser help reducing the bacterial load on the skin & prevents spread of infection on skin. 

Any skin people should use Mat-N-bright cleanser at least three times a day. It lightens the skin & also improves hydration.